Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am one lucky girl.....

and very thankful for parents who love me!

What causes this outburst of appreciation? Eric and I have really been wanting Taverns (sloppy joes) ,but they just aren't the same without Casey's Bakery Buns. There really aren't any buns that compare. I made a call to my mom Tuesday to see if she could send some our way.... and what shows up on my doorstep today?

I was so excited to see them sitting at my door. I anxiously peeled back the tape, and as soon as that tape was off the lovely waft of bakery goodness oozed out the box! YUMMY!

I see taverns in our future, and burgers, and even dried beef cheese spread! Who knows what else we will come up with!

So THANKS Mom and Dad!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who says I can't cook?

Up until two years ago, I had serious doubts about my cooking abilities. Nothing ever seemed to turn out right. The extent of my cooking was throwing something in the microwave or my super easy sausage casserole my friend Cindy taught me which has all of 3 ingredients. So when I moved to Dubuque, I realized that something had to change. Eric and I could not go out to eat every meal, nor did we want to. We started with breakfast (nothing too challenging) and worked our way up the scale. Soon my confidence started growing. And I must say, we come up with some pretty tasty dishes. Eric's ability is not quite as good as mine * ahem tatertotless casserole ahem* but he is an EXPERT when it comes to cutting onions and all the other chopping skills. My coordination fails me here.

So here are a few pictures for proof! And no...... there aren't any hidden takeout boxes, Mom! :)

Chicken Pesto Pizza. One of our favorites. It is not delivery or DiGiorno.... and yes, that crust is HOMEMADE! Not a Betty Crocker envelope either.... good old yeast and flour.

Tonight's supper--- Ribs! Eric had really been craving ribs, and I'm not too wild about meat still on the bone. ( I find too many gross things about it.) However, I am a sucker for some good barbecue sauce, so we tried it anyhow. They turned out great, although I think they would be better boneless. :)

The sauce was fantastic, and as you can see it made a lot---- 3 bowls worth. So you can slather it on!

And for Dessert--- Puff Pastries filled with Banana, Nutella, and walnuts.-- AKA Angry Man.

But how can he be so angry when he is filled with delicious goodness???