Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fresh start

Upon a fantastic weekend in my hometown, I am feeling very rejuvenated. Did I just hear myself correctly rejuvenated after a 6 hour car ride one way to spend the weekend with family? :) Yes rejuvenated. It was an awesome weekend! We went home to celebrate my nephew Jordan making Profession of Faith (How awesome it was to see him take that all important step in his Faith), but found myself rediscovering some of my favorite things.

We went home on Friday and I ate a delicious Bootlegger Burger. A fantastic burger that is a cheeseburger with 1000 Island dressing all warm and gooey under the cheese and the first bite punctures the cheese and the dressing oozes out! It really is pure Deliciousness.

Saturday was filled with a trip to Sioux Falls (as is customary and much needed), but we did things that are not in our usual repertoire... but they should be. We went one of my favorite stores- Zanbroz Variety and a variety it is! Where else can you go to get books, unique jewelry, interesting kitchen/decor items, but yet find this--- picture

or pic

Yes... That really is a Samurai Sword umbrella... the Only Umbrella I think Eric would ever willingly carry. Must satisfy his inner ninja..... And yes a cardboard buffalo head mount... Part of the Cardboard Safari. Yes it is an actual thing. Google it.

We also visited Ten Thousand Villages and a super cool Art Gallery. We ate some coconut shrimp, spent some much needed time with my sister and family, watched Eric and Jordan battle each other at MarioKart (what can I say... I married a big kid), listened to Kaylie read about the Good Samaritan (yes she read Samaritan) and play her piano recital songs, and spent the evening adventuring at Falls Park. Falls Park is a rock climbing adventure. The River flows right over the rocks, creating spectacular waterfalls around the park. It is so serene to walk out to the edge of the rocks, sit on the edge of a cliff, and watch the water and the Falls.

Yet it is also a little terrifying for myself, as someone with no balance and a bunch of uneven surfaces prime for causing me to fall... especially when I decide to wear flip flops. I did manage to escape unscathed... this time!

Which brings us to Sunday- the reason for our entire visit. Watching Jordan so calm and collected on ,as the Pastor put it , the most Important Decision he will ever make. Oh how I wish I had his courage and passion at that age. I kept thinking all through church how lucky I am and how Blessed I am. It doesn't get much better than being at church, holding my 5 year old Niece, and both singing I am Free! Perfect weekend.