Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Name that PLANT!

The joys of being a homeowner are wonderful, but it also mean that you inherit a yard, a vast space full of growing green things that are sprouting that may or may not turn into something beautiful. Not to mention things sprouting where they aren't supposed to, or so you think! :)

Some things you LOVE--

Some things you HATE---

Some things just cause you stress, since you can't tell what is what...

Some things are very pretty and blossom overnight, but you still have no IDEA what it is!

Some things you dislike, because you had to sit next to the stinky potted version of these in 4th grade for extended periods of time .... but your horticulturalist friend says it will be nice so you trust his judgement.
So anyone with a green thumb or even a semigreen thumb wanting to give a girl a hand is more than welcome.. Until then, I will be staring at these in my yard, since they seem to be growing with no problem! :)