Sunday, January 30, 2011

The house that built me

It's just a house.. just a house.
But it was my house!

(well technically it still is... until Saturday)

I left behind the house that built me..... the house I grew up in. The house filled with my childhood memories... the place where my parents got married .... the place we celebrated Proms, graduations, first dates..... the house where I cut my foot on a piece of glass .... the house I didn't always like, but it was my home!

It just looked so different... so empty... devoid of everything that made it HOME.

(It's not like my parents are leaving my hometown, they are moving across town, after staying in a hotel for couple of months, but that is another story.)

Surprisingly, I shed very few tears driving away, but many MANY MANY more were shed throughout the week. As I was unearthing the hidden treasures, I was remembering the story behind it or hearing the story for the first time, and was OVERWHELMED with the emotions! About the time I would get it together, I would find something else that would send me back over the edge. Such an emotional roller coaster that I was completely unprepared for! (I thought I could just sort my stuff and be done! Naive I know! )

Through the tears, the laughs, and the frustrations I realized a few things---

1. I have been IMMENSELY blessed!

2. Somethings haven't changed since I went to Casa Montessori as a kid--- my teachers noted that I was often "clumsy" because I was too busy watching what others are doing! And I do things well, when I am paying attention!

3. Someday I will learn to knit and tat. I have the supplies that were my Mom's I just need to learn how.

4. Even though I wonder what my life would have been like.... I am so thankful for the things I would never have known if my life had taken that course!

5. The outpouring of memories of my Mom that haven't happened in a long time.

6. Finding notes from high school.... ahh Teenage Angst!

7. A supportive husband who is stable and level-headed.... even when I am not.

8. Even though the house will not be mine.. I will still have the memories. I welcome the opportunity to create many many MANY memories at the new house.