Friday, September 10, 2010


Holding my new nephew

Watching Eric hold a new baby :)

Eating a dish of trail mix- (which is really more chocolate than dried fruit and nuts!)

The smell of cilantro

Watching Christopher devour his birthday cake! :)

Hearing all the great stories of hope and compassion on CMN Telethon!

Spending time with great friends laughing and crying in a Root Beer Bar of all places!

Finding a pair of shoes you forgot you had, and wondering how you could have ever forgotten about them!

A happy, unstressed husband coming home from work! :)

Brilliant blue skies that look more like a painting than real life.

Betty Jane Carmel Apples- my Friday after school snack.

Looking at all the fun Christmas decorations in September, and wondering if it is too early to put up my Christmas tree!

Relieved no one died on our excursion to Chicago

How cool Dave Matthews concerts are.... even if you are in the upperdeck.... and pay lots of money to go!

Jumping out of my comfort zone to teach Preschool and Succeeding.

Listening to Tik Tok.... I think I may need an intervention.

Finding a twenty in my fall coat!

All of my favorite shows filling up my DVR

Watching Aarti on the Food Network. She is the type of person I'd want to spend time with!

Hand Irish dancing