Monday, April 6, 2009

19 Days! EEK!

Amazingly, that is it! Where has our time gone? Eric and I had picked April all the way back in July, thinking we had a lot of time to plan our wedding and get ready. Pretty soon it was Christmas, and now we are approaching Easter, and I am realizing there is not a whole lot of time left! Don't get me wrong, I am very excited and Have been waiting for this day, but you get in a little of a panic when you actually start counting the days, and you see the list of things to do start growing!

The wedding is getting a little more "real" everyday! I was able to bring my dress back with me yesterday (Snowstorm in all) so just knowing that is right there, and I can look at it whenever I want is just AWESOME! My apartment (and Kristina's basement) is filling up with shower presents. I am truly blessed to have such loving family and friends. Eric made the comment that I looked like a little kid opening my box of dishes! But I couldn't help it, I LOVE THEM!

I love my dishes, but I think I am more excited to spend the time with family and friends. It looks like it is going to be a mini family reunion! I have some family members coming I have not seen in while, and many of our family members are traveling from far away places-- Florida, Colorado, Tennesee, New Jersey-- and some are coming from not so far :) But it seems with Eric and my schedules' lately, we have seen just as much of the people close by as those that live far away!

I am speaking for Eric here, but WE are so excited not only to be married, but to celebrate with everyone! We hope you are getting just as excited!